Donation to KSA

The Association accepts Donation for any worthy cause as per wishes of Donor. The Donations normally form Corpus which are invested in Bank Fixed Deposit Schemes and Interest received on such investment used for giving aid to deserving persons as per Objects of Corpus. We are giving below names of different Corpus Funds and their Objects for the benefit of Donors.

Donations to KSA are exempt from Income Tax as per the Certificate of Income Tax Exemption under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act 12 A

Donations may be given to any KSA Project/s:
  • Emergency Medical Fund
    for giving aid to patients in Emergencies.

  • Medical Relief Fund
    for giving aid for Hospitalisation, purchase of Medicines.

  • Distress Relief Fund
    for giving aid to persons in Financial Distress.

  • Scholarship Fund
    For giving aid to Students.

  • Community Chest Fund
    Grant for income generating activities undertaken by Rural poors

  • KSA Centenary Fund
    Centenary Fund created on occasion of Anniversary of 100th Year of Association
    for providing Medical Aid to needy Patients and Non-Interest Education Loan
    to deserving students.

The Donations to KSA are exempt from Income Tax as per Certificate of I.T. Exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act .
The Donor will have to download letter of DECLRATION under FORM SECTION on Website if he/she wants to claim Income Tax exemption under
section 80G and send it to KSA office duly filled in along with Cheque/Banker Cheque.
The Donor can transfer amount directly to our Bank account through Internet as mentioned under:-

Account No : 100903130030207

Name of bank : The Shamrao Vithal Cooperative Bank Ltd, Sleater Road Branch

Address of bank : A-1,2,3,4,5&6, Ganesh Prasad, Naushir Bharucha Marg, Mumbai 400 007, India

IFSC No : SVCB0000009

The aid is given to members of Chitrapur Saraswat Community. However 10% of aid under Medical Relief Fund & Distress Relief Fund is earmarked
for persons belonging to below Poverty Line belonging to any Community.

The KSA has its own Pathological Laboratory and provides Consulting Room to Eminent Doctors on panel to treat patients at very reasonable charges.
Both facilities are open to all communities irrespective of Caste & Religion. For details see "KSA Health Centre" on our website.

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